Is Bradley S. Cohen the Next Bernie Madoff?

The alarming similarities between these two investment firm founders

Bradley S Cohen Bernie Madoff
Founded a real estate investment firm catering to high net worth individuals and institutional investors, in celebrity hot spot Beverly Hills. Founded a securities investment firm that attracted high net worth individuals and celebrities.
Bills himself as “investor to the stars.” Prided himself on celebrity clientele.
Has overall responsibility for management of his firm, strategically directs investment funds. Had ultimate management authority over the assets of his clients and the ability to direct investments.
Has structured his business as an intricate web that is nearly unexplainable by company officials. Structured his business and transactions in a complex way to conceal fraud and perpetuate a ponzi scheme.
Senior company leadership was “uncomfortable” and refused to answer questions about him and his financial dealings. Employees could not explain his personal or company financial dealings.
Has headquartered his business on the prestigious Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles. Operated his investment firm from chic New York City and London offices.
Lives in a palacious Beverly Hills Mansion valued at over $7,000,000. Owned expensive homes in prestigious locations, including a lavish Manhattan apartment.
Serves or has served on various philanthropic and industry boards and cultivates relationships with many charitable organizations. Served on numerous industry boards, cultivating relationships with regulators, charities and financial organizations.
Serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers (NAREIM). Served as the Chairman of Nasdaq.
Exercises political influence by making political contributions of up to $87,500 per year over many years. Made regular and substantial political contributions over many years.
  • Bradley S. Cohen has been living a life of luxury and prestige for years, actively cultivating his posh outward appearance to attract investors. Image is everything when trying to inspire the trust of high net worth individual and institutional investors. Like Bernie Madoff, Cohen has a palacious home in an impressive neighborhood, an office in a celebrity and wealth-filled location, heavy involvement in industry organizations and on influential boards, and a company with an elusive and complex web of financial dealings.
  • Despite losses to his investors, Cohen has maintained his extravagant lifestyle and image. He has been a contortionist when it comes to keeping the secret of his true financial picture, creating a complex web of companies and dealings, but how long can this continue?
  • Recently, Cohen’s financial status appears to be declining.
    • Political contributions in past years were as much as $88,000, yet this year they have been almost nothing.
    • Likely feeling the financial stress, Cohen just refinanced his lavish Beverly Hills mansion.


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